If you’re headed into Kenner, Louisiana (or you live there!), you’ve got some delicious treats waiting for you! The Big Cheezy has brought the best grilled cheese in the world to Kenner, and we offer an incredible menu with many options. We have spent years developing grilled cheese sandwiches that blow people’s minds. Whether you’re in an adventurous mood or you just want some classic comfort food, you can turn to us! We are here to be your favorite among Kenner’s local restaurants

We offer a huge range of experiences on our grilled cheese sandwich menu. Things start simple with The Original, which consists of American and cheddar cheese on your choice of bread (tomato basil soup included!). From there, you can go wild! Ever had apples on a grilled cheese sandwich? You should try the Brie Zy, a combination of Monterrey Jack and brie paired with cinnamon, toasted pecans, and carmelized apples. Get more crazy with the Crawgator, a combination of cheddar and Pepper Jack cheese with green peppers and alligator/crawfish sausage on sourdough. It’s a full-on Louisiana experience in every bite. If you like your sandwiches spicy, try our Spicy Pie, a concoction of mozzerella, pepperoni, tomato basil sauce, and hot cherry peppers. Don’t forget to check out our dlicious soups, salads, and other options, including building your own sandwich!

Kenner is a great city, and we’re proud to do our part to make it even better. We want to feed the people enjoying Kenner’s attractions, including the Planetarium, Castle Theater, Rivertown Space Science Complex, and Heritage Park. We also want to the place that families, friends, and couples love to visit and have a great time. Visit us in Kenner today!